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What Happened to Roy Moore Was Vote Fraud

Look at this pattern of voting in Alabama during the Trump – Clinton election. This looks like Hillary Clinton stole 13 counties in Alabama using a cellular modem that accessed a chip in the electronic vote counting machines: Is this what happened to Roy Moore? Alabama voter fraud caught on tape. Research on Vote […]

Pedophile Perverts Seek Camouflage by Accusing Others

A drowning man will grab at a straw. There are dozens of sealed indictments ready to be processed against some of the most powerful people in America. These pedophile perverts are so desperate that they do not even care how stupid they are looking by making heinous and ridiculous accusations against others. They hope to […]

To Athletes Who Will Not Respect Our National Anthem

If you do not respect, and appreciate, the country that made you a millionaire please pick another country and go! We gained a free country because our founding fathers LEFT tyranny and BUILT a new free country. It takes more effort to BUILD than it takes to DESTROY. Those who do not like this country; which made them […]

Who Are the Race Baiters?

What Are We Missing? Blacks who were never slaves are fighting whites who were never slave holders over a Confederate statue of a Southern Democrat, erected by Southern Democrats. Democrats have not been this angry since Republicans freed the slaves. Apparently Democrats can no longer stand their own history… …yet somehow, it’s Trumps fault?   ================= PLEASE […]

Kathy Griffin is not a comedian. Kathy Griffin is a JOKE.

Kathy Griffin is now the “poster child” of the mentally deranged. What kind of a fiend portrays a bloody severed head of a sitting President as being something that is funny? If you see Kathy Griffin’s face again, change the channel, and then write to the network who hired her. Then write to the sponsors of […]

Trump Cuts $640 Million in Funding for United Nations – 1 min Video Trump has redirected that money to making AMERICA great again. That means strengthening the American military, not the New World Order’s world police force.  The American people have been BEGGING the American government to stop funding the totalitarian globalist United Nations for 50 years. The American people have been BEGGING the American government to get out of the Communist controlled United Nations […]

Best Politicians Money Can Buy – SC Senate Passes Tax Hike to Fund More Corruption

The YouTube account, that was exposing Corrupt Politicians, has been terminated with no reason given. The videos have now been uploaded to Facebook.  Eighty percent of the people are against a gas tax increase, but the Legislature doesn’t care what the people think. This was done to increase tax revenue for SC, but this will now […]

Reality Check For Low IQ Leftists

Apparently they have not thought of this. When a train is accelerating; while heading down a dead end track, how long should you wait before replacing the engineer? Anyone with I. Q. above room temperature will be able to answer this question. ================= PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ON Thomas Jefferson said: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” […]

Clinton Foundation 2014 Tax Return

These figures are from an official copy of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for the tax year 2014.  The copy of the tax return is from the National Center for Charitable Statistics website.  You can get the latest tax return on any charitable organization. Total revenue (line 12)  ……………….$177, 804,612.00 Total grants to […]

Investigating a Class Action Suit for Fake News Shills and Social Media Frauds

We have a unique position to stop some fake news. We have 3 accounts with is Taking A Political Stand Against The Trump Administration is giving FREE meetups, to the “#Resist” COALITION: #Resist – A LEFTIST COALITION of Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Jihadists, “progressives”, and anti-Trump agitators: They are well funded and buying up everything that can be bought. They are […]