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This is the best resource that is available for understanding the United States government’s program for killing people using drones.
Today’s drone pilot was yesterday’s violent video gamer. Murderers have euphemisms for KILL. Mafia calls it “whack”. Hitler called it “cleanse”.

Abortionists call it “choice”. Stalin called it “purge”. CIA calls it “sanction”.

Drone murderers refer to it as “prosecuting the target”. It is interesting that that have chosen a term that pretends some sort of judicial legitimacy.


Terrorists won. Agenda implemented. We are police state.


On 03-06-13 Sen. Rand Paul spoke to the US Senate for 13 hours simply attempting to assert that the Bill of Rights should be honored. His goal was to obtain a commitment from Obama, Attorney General Holder & our new Muslim CIA Director, John Brennan that American citizens would not be murdered without due process; which means trial by jury.
We would have thought it would have been a simple thing to get Obama to promise that he would not kill Americans never convicted of any crime. In the end Brennan was confirmed. He was not sworn in with his hand on the Bible; nor the Koran. He was sworn in with his hand on a copy of the Constitution that did NOT include the Bill of Rights.
Do a Google search on “Michael Hastings”. Investigative journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story on CIA Director John Brennan when he was killed in a fiery car explosion on June 19, 2013. His Mercedes exploded in Hollywood, California. The engine was found 100 feet down the street. A witness said that the sound of the blast was like a bomb explosion that shook nearby houses.


Now the feds tell us that America is the battlefield. Is the United States still a government of law? Nothing in the Constitution or laws gives the President the right to kill any human being. Those accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.  Only a jury can find the accused guilty. Only a judge can impose a sentence. Obama has no authority to order the death of any American no matter where he is, and no matter what allegation is made against him.
If we allow the president to order any person’s death without any due process we have accepted tyranny.
The freedom of the enforcers is at risk too. Tyrants need stormtroopers while gaining power. They kill them later. Whoever the tyrant allows to survive will meet justice after the tyrant falls. NUREMBERG WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. Stormtroopers are peacoks one day & feather dusters the next.

“We were just obeying orders” was the common excuse at Nuremberg. How did that work? Here is a video to help us remember:
History Lesson for Future Tyrants

Terrorism provides the EXCUSE FOR TYRANNY. Read the article “FEDS ARMING FOR WAR WITH WHO?”


No part of Bill of Rights is still honored. Google NDAA & Indefinite Detention. Guns are being outlawed. Searches without warrants, checkpoints, wiretaps, government surveillance of financial records, medical records, emails, internet ETC. Cameras everywhere. Confiscatory taxation, civil forfeiture. Feds just bought 2.2 Billion rounds of HOLLOW POINT AMMO & 30000 Predator drones. This ammo is illegal to use in military. The only possible use is domestic, against Americans.
See the “help wanted” ad for hiring concentration camp guards on YOUTUBE channel johnperna2.


Fema Camp Officer – Internment Specialist – Concentration Camp guards in USA

For additional information view:


Watch the rest of the videos on this channel to make this a clear.

American Drone



John Brennan Explains Killing Americans With Drones at Hearing































Thomas Jefferson said:
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
We add this:
“The battle for liberty is never won, and is never lost.
The battle for liberty always continues.
It is never too late, and it is never soon enough, to defend freedom.
No matter how enslaved we are, we always have hope.
No matter how free we are we are never safe.
Any generation that fails to defend freedom will lose it.
The next generation will have to shed blood to gain it back.
When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point failure to defend liberty makes slavery at certainty.” John Perna

WARNING: This message has been intercepted and stored by the National Security Agency as part of its unlawful spying program on all Americans. The National Security Agency is the only part of the government that actually LISTENS to you. Do you wish that the government would read the Constitution? Just email it privately to your friends. What we formerly called “freedom of speech” we now call the “right to remain silent.” BUT they will now claim that you DO NOT HAVE the right to remain silent… if THEY are asking the questions.
The Patriot Act is constitutionally illegal, but was signed into law takes away your rights and turns them into privileges, which the government can grant or take away at will. If you remember we were told that this would just be temporary. Now it has been made permanent. But no one protested did they?

Please visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty.

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