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Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO?

Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly assault on the truth movement! FEMA camps

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Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO!
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Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO over FEMA CAMP story

Glenn Beck discovered that the FEMA "CAMPS" (PRISONS) were REAL,and was going to do a TRUE story about them on his next show…

…until he got a call from the NWO.

"We ARE a country that is headed towards SOCIALISM,TOTALITARIANISM,beyond your WILDEST IMAGINATION"! – Glenn Beck in the morning

"I wanted to debunk these FEMA CAMPS (PRISONS) .Well we've now – for SEVERAL DAYS – done research on them.I CAN'T DEBUNK THEM"! – Glenn Beck in the morning…

"It is OUR GOVERNMENT! If you trust our government,it's fine…If you have ANY kind of fear that we might be headed towards a TOTALITARIAN STATE…LOOK OUT! BUCKLE UP! There's SOMETHING going on in our country…that is…ah…AIN'T GOOD"! – Glenn Beck in the morning

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

    — Henry David Thoreau
Imagine living in a nation where arsonists set fires everyday. The best fire department in the world cannot save this nation without stopping the arsonists from setting the fires. There is a massive propaganda campaign  urging that we should only work on putting out the fires, but do nothing about the arsonists. Is this simple stupidity, or is this massive propaganda campaign the work of the arsonists?

NOTE: A few SECONDS before he said that, remember that he himself said this…

"We ARE a country that is headed towards SOCIALISM,TOTALITARIANISM,beyond your WILDEST IMAGINATION"! – Glenn Beck in the morning

"These are ACTUAL PRISONS that were built under the Bush Administration" – Glenn Beck

"And these FEMA CAMPS are ALL OVER THE U.S."? – Gretchen Carlson

"YES" – Glenn Beck

"And they're ALL EMPTY"? – Gretchen Carlson

"YEAH…YEAH"! – Glenn Beck

"I tell you…Just…SOMETHING doesn't sit right with me" -Glenn Beck (Still in the Morning on "Fox and Friends")…

After being THREATENED by the NWO! ( Illuminati)…
(With either his job,or the lives of his wife and kids)…

"I don't believe in the FEMA PRISONS"! ("They're MAKING me say this…HELP"!) – Glenn Beck in the evening…


Oh Glenn Beck is still going to do a show about The FEMA CAMPS…



It is NOW going to be a so-called "DEBUNKING" SHOW!

(In other words…He's going to forget about all of the EVIDENCE he and his crew uncovered during their investigation,and LIE TO YOU about the FEMA PRISONS! -Just like he LIED to you later on that SAME DAY!!!)

There are ONLY two possible explanations for his complete "About-face" on this story "Beck Fans"…

Either Glenn Beck is…

A. An NWO "Shill" (He works FOR them)



(To "Change his tune" on the FEMA PRISONS story,or ELSE! And FORCED to say "They're MAKING me say this…HELP"! In a "joking" way,so that it would throw people off about it!)

Because God knows that there is a TON of evidence that the FEMA PRISONS exist…You saw some of it in this video,and you heard Glenn Beck with your own ears ADMIT that…

"These are ACTUAL PRISONS built under the Bush administration" – Glenn Beck in the morning

My point is this…

Whether your a "Beck Fan" or not is irrelevant…

If the answer is "A"…and he's an NWO "Shill"…Then we should EXPOSE him!

If the answer is "B"…and he is being THREATENED BY THE NWO! Then we should HELP him! (By spreading this information EVERYWHERE!)

Wouldn't you agree???


Guess what Rupert, you are not the boss. Your viewers are. Your sponsors are.

FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
For anyone naive enough to think that excluding a candidate who actually cares about America and its future and who has showed he is willing to do something about it doesn't matter, here is an expose of how FOX clearly covered up and attempted to falsify information vital to the health and safety of Americans in something as basic as the milk that you and I would buy at the grocery store. Guess what? People are probably still throwing down well over a billion gallons of it every year.

Got milk? Got cancer? GET FOX.

Fox News Worried Its Viewers Can't Tell a Cartoon from News?

Fox Sponsors

Best Buy


  1. Call the 800 number, Choose option 2 to speak with a switchboard, ask to speak with consumer relations.
  2. Tell the rep that you wanted them to know that a company they sponsor, Fox News, is excluding a viable candidate from their upcoming presidential forum, and that as long as Best Buy sponsors this undemocratic activitiy, you will not be buying any products from them, and that you will be telling all of your friends the same.



American Express


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April 7th, 2009

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