Congress is the Key

National Cyber Security Center shrouded in secrecy about its mission of Internet surveillance.

National Cyber Security Center shrouded in secrecy about its mission of Internet

LAST MONTH Congress passed the FISA warrantless wiretapping Bill (HR 6304)
They even granted RETROACTIVE IMMUNITY to their partners in fascism,
who had already violated our civil liberties. (A partnership between government and
business is the definition of fascism)
NOW Folks, I have already seen the difference.
Our messages are being blocked now.

Update: FISA warrantless wiretapping Bill (HR 6304)
Posted by Stephanie Condon
The Bush administration’s newly created National Cyber Security Center remains shrouded
in secrecy, with officials refusing
to release information about its budget, what contractors will run it, and
how its mission relates to Internet surveillance.
In correspondence with the U.S. Senate posted on Thursday, the Bush
administration said it would not provide that information publicly. An
18-page, partially redacted letter from DHS said that disclosure could
affect “the conduct of federal programs, or other programs or operations
essential to the interests of our nation.”
The censored letter–a nonredacted, “For Official Use Only” version was
provided to senators–came in response to queries from the top Democratic
and Republican members of the Senate’s Homeland Security committee.
Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, indicated that the nonredacted
version satisfied her, at least for now. “Increased information sharing will
benefit the department, Congress and the public, as well as the
private-sector, which controls the vast majority of the nation’s cyber
infrastructure,” Collins said in e-mail to CNET News. “It is my hope that
the release of this information will assist in improving security in both
the public and private sectors.”
Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut who caucuses with
Democrats, did not respond to our queries on Thursday.
In March, DHS announced that Rod Beckström, 47, would be appointed as
director of the National Cyber Security Center. Secretary Michael Chertoff
said at the time that Beckström would “implement cyber security strategies
in a cohesive way” and contribute to the “protection of federal networks and
the security of our homeland.”
Oddly, DHS seemed to change its mind about whether even the mere existence
of the National Cyber Security Center was classified or not.
“On March 20th, you announced that Rod Beckstrom would be the director of
the new National Cyber Security Center within DHS,” Lieberman and Collins
said in a letter (PDF) to DHS in May. “Prior to this announcement, committee
staff had been instructed that the existence of the NCSC was itself
Their letter to DHS in May asked for a detailed account of the department’s
role in the Comprehensive National Cyber Security Initiative, noting a lack
of information from the department, in spite of the fact that the
administration had claimed that cybersecurity was one of Chertoff’s “top
four priorities for ’08.”
The DHS has requested an additional $83 million for National Cyber Security
Center for fiscal year 2009 (which begins in October 2009); including the
$115 million awarded for the initiative in 2008, that would increase its
budget by $200 million, tripling the amount the DHS has spent on cyber
security since 2007.
The department’s new National Cyber Security Center is taking the lead on
the CNCI, a “multi-agency, multi-year plan to secure the federal
government’s cyber networks” that was established in January by a directive
signed by President Bush. In the letter made public on Thursday, DHS
described the center as a way to “coordinate and integrate information
necessary to help secure U.S. cyber networks and systems and help foster
collaboration among federal cyber groups,” and serve as a “single location
for all-source situational awareness about cyber activity and security
status of the U.S. networks and systems.”
Though just made public Thursday, the letter was initially sent to the
senators on June 2. The subsequent redacted version eliminated the
department’s response to questions such as: “Why was the determination made
that the contract will be for a 10-month period?” and “How will the DHS
provide appropriate oversight to ensure that the contractors support efforts
do not intrude on inherently governmental functions?”
One question left unanswered is how the National Cyber Security Center will
interact with DHS’s so-called Einstein program, which is designed to monitor
Internet mischief and network disruptions aimed at federal agencies. (Not
much about Einstein is public, but a privacy impact assessment offers some
A Homeland Security spokeswoman told us in April that the primary focus of
Einstein at the time was protecting federal-government networks–not
monitoring the privately operated Internet, a move that would raise unique
legal, technical, and privacy challenges.
The DHS letter refused to divulge any information about Einstein. It said:
“Technological upgrades and planning activities are classified. DHS will be
happy to provide the committee with a briefing in the appropriate
(classified) setting.”
CNET News’ Declan McCullagh contributed to this report
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Update: FISA warrantless wiretapping Bill (HR 6304)

Do you wish that the government would read the Constitution?
Just email it to a few of your friends.
The snoops, who are reading your emails,
are the ones who need to know what the Constitution says.
If your settings are to delete “spam” at once,
then you will never see the censored mail.
You do not find it even in the bulk mail folder;
therefore you have no way of knowing that it was ever sent.
The ostrich might put its head into the sand,
but just because you cannot see it does not mean that it is not happening.
Those who deny that this censorship exists are likely to be a party to the censorship.
HUNDREDS of people have tested the censorship,
have experienced it, and are writing about it.
There was a court case going against AT&T for it.

There Is an organization to fight internet censorship;
The Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Internet censorship comes from the protocols that were developed from guidelines from
The Department of H0me land INSecurity.
The Internet Service Provider is now being told that they are now regulated by the Federal
C0mmunications C0mmission;
which in turn, receives guidelines from the
Department of H0meland INSecurity. OF COURSE there is no legitimate
justification for Federal C0mmunications Commission regulation of the
internet; since it does not use shared air ways.
Freedom of speech – Use it or lose it
When they took away the 4th Amendment,
we were quiet,
because we didn’t deal drugs.
When they took away the 6th Amendment,
we were quiet,
because we were innocent.
When they took away the 2nd Amendment,
we were quiet,
because we don’t own guns.
Now they have taking away the 1st Amendment,
and very soon,
if we continue to be quiet,
we will have no choice,
but to be continue to be quiet.
Who voted to violate your civil liberties?

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