Congress is the Key

Plans to Disrupt the Inauguration, Assassinate Trump, and Demand a New Election

Make no mistake about this:
The survival of Donald J. Trump, and the survival of his Presidency depends on the support of the American people. Mentally challenged rabble are already disrupting the hearings on confirmations of Trump’s appointments:
For Security reasons, we suggest the Trump’s Inauguration be held inside of the White House or at an undisclosed location.
A gigantic screen, and a projector TV, can show the ceremony to the people outside.
Let them assassinate the image on the screen.
Until AFTER the Inauguration, Washington DC police will work for Obama, and have worked for Obama for the last eight years. The whole City of Washington DC is controlled by Democratic Party and New World Order insiders, for the time being.
There are millions of bikers who say that they will be there to protect President Trump.
We might trust the bikers more than the Washington DC police,
but the bikers will not have guns.
The best that the bikers will be able to do will be to create a buffer zone where the radicals will not want to go.
And are bikers a match for the CIA?
Millions of bikers are hoping for peace.
Paid agitator Snow flakes might not be bright enough to understand what will happen if they do not remain peaceful.  

The Trump Inauguration (Anarchists Vs Bikers For Trump) Other World Media


Criminal agitators have a web page advocating terrorist actions. Anyone supporting our constitution by similar means would be arrested and have their web page blocked.


It is the CIA that is most likely to try to kill Trump.
Send the CIA out of the country.
Until AFTER the Inauguration,  the Secret Service work for Obama, and have worked for Obama for the last eight years.
Trump will have to provide his OWN security.

Proof that the CIA wants to eliminate Trump before he gets in

5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down on Inauguration Day

It is time to splinter the CIA.

Donald J Trump needs to finish the job started by JFK.

If Trump does not splinter the CIA, then Trump will follow in the footsteps of JFK.


Do you support the CIA?

The government that you overthrow may be your own.

Latest update:
Here is the FULL:
Donald Trump Speech At Inaugration Welcome Concert: Make America Great Again 
Everything went quite well. They even played religious music.
No snow flakes, nuts, communists, or fruits.
So far it has been kind of like the celebrities promising to go to Canada:

No leftist whimper was heard anywhere near the inauguration.

Before the inauguration there was a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

During, and after, the inauguration there was only cheering.



Thomas Jefferson said:
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
We add this:
“The battle for liberty is never won, and is never lost.
The battle for liberty always continues.
It is never too late, and it is never soon enough, to defend freedom.
No matter how enslaved we are, we always have hope.
No matter how free we are we are never safe.
Any generation that fails to defend freedom will lose it.
The next generation will have to shed blood to gain it back.
When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point failure to defend liberty makes slavery at certainty.” John Perna

WARNING: This message has been intercepted and stored by the National Security Agency as part of its unlawful spying program on all Americans. The National Security Agency is the only part of the government that actually LISTENS to you. Do you wish that the government would read the Constitution? Just email it privately to your friends. What we formerly called “freedom of speech” we now call the “right to remain silent.” BUT they will now claim that you DO NOT HAVE the right to remain silent… if THEY are asking the questions.

The Patriot Act is constitutionally illegal, but was signed into law takes away your rights and turns them into privileges, which the government can grant or take away at will. If you remember we were told that this would just be temporary. Now it has been made permanent. But no one protested did they?


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January 17th, 2017

John Perna


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