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Lindsey Graham Vs. the Republican Wing of the Republican Party

at SC Republican convention 5-16-2009

Republican wing of the Republican Party tells Lindsey Graham that he is a hypocrite:
Examples of Lindsey Graham hypocrisy were provided in the speech that he gave on that very day:
1) In this very speech Lindsey speaks of recruiting, and building, the Republican Party, 
but then shows the libertarians "the exit sign".

2) In this very speech Lindsey presented his own proposed amendment to the Bible:

"Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican",

but then…

Lindsey Graham maligns his fellow Republican, Ron Paul: 

Lindsey Graham refers to himself as a Lindsey Graham Republican 

The video above is where Lindsey suggests that libertarians leave the Republican Party. He directs them to "the exit sign".

Mark Sanford Fires Back At Lindsey Graham In Defense Of Libertarians

Vote in this poll: Sanford versus Graham 

CNN covered this here:

Also covered here:

Harrell: GOP Convention Crowd "Fringe" Republicans

After Voting For TARP Lindsay Graham Slams Ron Paul Libertarians 

(To background music: "See that girl. Watch that scene. She is the dancing queen.")

The voting on the Platform and Resolutions was a lesson in railroading. One of the resolutions was a commendation of Lindsey Graham. The chairman of the convention moved that the Platform and Resolutions all be approved in one vote, with no discussion.

There was a motion from the floor, that the several resolutions be considered individually, rather than as a package. After this motion was seconded, the chairman of the convention announced that this motion would have to be in writing.

While the first delegate continued to speak from the floor, a second delegate put the motion in writing and walked it up to the chair.  

Instead of voting on this motion, The chairman of the convention stalled by quietly sending a courier to the delegate, who had presented the motion. The courier claimed that the motion needed a more detailed explanation of why it was presented, and an explanation as to what the objection was.

In the mean time the chairman of the convention made a motion to suspend the rules, and to accept all the resolutions as written.

On a voice vote, the Chairman claimed that the majority had voted to suspend the rules, and to accept all the resolutions as written. That's it — rules suspended — no consideration of the individual resolutions. We had heard three hours of political speeches, but when we got to the real business, we did not have five minutes to vote on one resolution. It is rushed through in a package, without thoughtful consideration.

Railroading at SC Republican convention 5-16-2009 

We were a large presence in that Convention, but as long as the old guard controls the proceedings, it does not matter how large a group we are. Sorry folks, but we did what we could.

You know, all the speeches on the need of the party for new members and new energy just sounds very hollow when the intent of the leadership appears to be "business as usual." They would like us to fill the ranks, but it appears to be fixed so that no change can be created. If we fall in line, as most of the old members have, then we will stagnate.

Yesterday, when Lindsey Graham was speaking to us, from the podium, he promised to build the Republican Party. But apparently he was not including those of us who actually do believe in the principles that the Republican Party still claims to represent. He told us that we should look for the exit sign.

Walking Out of SC Republican convention 5-16-2009 

Video of a delegate objecting to commending amnesty bailout Lindsey Graham:

We wonder how long it has been since Lindsey Graham has read the "Republican Creed".

The "Republican Creed":

Perhaps the Delegate Package should have contained this instruction:

This morning, when you arrive at the Convention, we will give you a printed version of all the resolutions we have already decided will be accepted, and will have someone move that they be accepted as a package without amendment, without consideration of their merit. We have a committee to construct the platform and resolution, and your only job is to accept, accept, accept without amendment or objection. After all, we have been here for hours making speeches about the need for growth and getting back to the original goals of the GOP, and everyone is tired and we want to adjourn. Learn to fall in line and you can go far in the GOP. Republican party insiders were so sure that the fix was in that they left before the time for the "vote" on resolutions and platform.

Several Republicans had lead us to believe, that if we got involved in the Republican Party, that we could make a difference in the way that Ron Paul was treated.

Several Republicans had lead us to believe, that if we got involved in the Republican Party, we could restore the Republican Party to principles that they still claim to represent.  Perhaps these dedicated Republicans did not speak to Lindsey Graham. How much "lesser" is "the lesser of two evils"? 

The SC state convention was the SECOND time that Lindsey Graham had "thrown down the gauntlet" to the Ron Paul supporters. This was a repeat of his conduct at the Greenville County convention:

Lindsey Graham: "Ron Paul is not the leader of the Republican Party"  in Greenville 

Well Lindsey, you threw done the gauntlet twice now.

Did you think that we would not respond?

By the way, Lindsey Graham says that you are a bigot if you want no amnesty for illegal aliens: 

Lindsey Graham to Taxpayers 


New Dawn for America (Paperback) by Roger L. McBride 

New Dawn for America

The reason the GOP is dying is because of phony "conservatives" like Sen. Lindsey ‘Bankster Bailout’ Graham. The GOP will either listen to Dr. Paul or end up in the trash bin of history.

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May 17th, 2009

John Perna


2 to “Lindsey Graham Vs. the Republican Wing of the Republican Party”

  1. Becky McCarty says:

    I was very happy to see that Lindsey Graham got off of the stage and that Jim Demint got up to speak of saving Freedom. Obviously Lindsey Graham has no respect for our constitutional rights. Instead I see him as rude, self serving, and with no respect to the public for civil dialog. As delegates we were all invited there. I can say that I am proud of the gentlemanly way that Demint conducted himself. It should be a lesson to Graham but on the other hand a lepord can’t change his spots and so at least we know what he is.

  2. G R Smith says:

    So Lindsey is the new Arlen Spector in the Senate. That Sucks because we need the pr**k to stop the SCOTUS appointment of the progressive racist up for the Souter seat. Why do the Repub wanderers end up screwing up the whole deal?

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