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Kathy Griffin is not a comedian. Kathy Griffin is a JOKE.

Kathy Griffin is now the “poster child” of the mentally deranged. What kind of a fiend portrays a bloody severed head of a sitting President as being something that is funny?
If you see Kathy Griffin’s face again, change the channel, and then write to the network who hired her. Then write to the sponsors of that network who hired her. Kathy Griffin just decapitated her own career.
At first we might assume that Kathy Griffin’s best move would be to buy a burka, and move to an Islamic terrorist region.
On second thought that would also be a stupid move. Anyone who would do the stupid things that she has already done would also do something stupid there too. She would probably make a satire on Islamic oppression of women. Then we would see a REAL picture of HER OWN severed head. No one but a fiend would think that was funny either, but it would probably boost her ratings.
President Trump’s eleven year old son, Barron saw the image on television, and did not know that it was not real. What kind of a nut case would broadcast something like this to children?

President Trump tweeted that Griffin should be “ashamed of herself,” and that his 11-year-old son Barron was “having a hard time with this.”

“Sick!” he added.

Across the country, venues have pulled Griffin off of their lineups.
If you went to Kathy Griffin’s page before the early morning of Sat. June 3, 2017: 

You would have seen information about the tour of 50 cities that she had scheduled:

The real question is not whether or not her career is over.  

The real question is how did she ever get a career in the first place.

Moral decline has put America in sad shape.

There is a new GOP TV ad that features Kathy Griffin.
A new Republican ad uses controversial comedian Kathy Griffin to criticize Democratic House hopeful Jon Ossoff:

Now Kathy Griffin is trying to portray herself as a victim saying 

“He broke me.”
A defiant, tearful Kathy Griffin slams attacks by Trump and his family.
“A sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally trying to ruin my life forever,” she said. “You guys know him, he’s not going to stop.”
She said that the online attacks on her were a distraction mobilized by a president embattled by scandal. And she sought to frame it as the kind of “bullying” she’d received from older white men her entire career.
“I’m not good at being appropriate,” she said. “I’m only good at doing comedy one way. It’s in your face. I’m going to make fun of the president. And I’m going to do it more now.”
“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. I’m gonna make fun of him more now,” she said Friday.
“He broke me, he broke me”.
Give us a break Kathy.
YOU did this all to yourself!
You are no victim.
You are simply getting what a vile misfit deserves.

Smoke rises during a protest against the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States in Portland, Oregon, U.S. November 10, 2016. REUTERS/William Gagan FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES - RTX2T63J



Thomas Jefferson said:
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
We add this:
“The battle for liberty is never won, and is never lost.
The battle for liberty always continues.
It is never too late, and it is never soon enough, to defend freedom.
No matter how enslaved we are, we always have hope.
No matter how free we are we are never safe.
Any generation that fails to defend freedom will lose it.
The next generation will have to shed blood to gain it back.
When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point failure to defend liberty makes slavery at certainty.” John Perna

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The Patriot Act is constitutionally illegal, but was signed into law takes away your rights and turns them into privileges, which the government can grant or take away at will. If you remember we were told that this would just be temporary. Now it has been made permanent. But no one protested did they?


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