Congress is the Key

It is not often that we, the people, have a chance to make history. HERE IT IS!

We, the people, now have before us,
a turning point that will shape our own lives,
and will shape the lives of future generations.
Whether you live in South Carolina or not:
Your life will be affected by the votes that are cast,
in the US Senate,
by the Senator,
who is elected by the voters of South Carolina.
This time we have a clear choice:
The choice is between Lindsey Graham or Lee Bright.
If you would like to understand what that choice means,
Just watch these videos:
Here is what you will get if the voters of South Carolina re-elect Lindsey Graham:

Lindsey Graham Explains Abolishing the Bill Of Right Through NDAA


Lindsey Graham on Suspending The Bill of Rights


Watch Lindsey Graham: “Shut Up. You Don’t Get a Lawyer!”!%E2%80%9D.flv


Here is what you will get if the voters of South Carolina defeats Lindsey Graham by electing SC State Senator Lee Bright:

If you still have not decided what to do watch this:
If you have now learned enough visit:
You will find a button to contribute;
To save you some time, just click here;

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January 22nd, 2014

John Perna



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