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It is no secret now: New World Order is building world tyranny. Regional government is the stepping stone.

      Watch the European Union openly calling for "New World Governance"    Inside the United Nations by Steve Bonta (Paperback – 2003)      Also read: The United Nations Exposed by William F. Jasper  Our own military is already being put under the command of the United Nations. Changing […]

World Tyranny was One Treaty Away WATCH THIS VIDEO AND UNDERSTAND HOW CLOSE WE WERE TO WORLD GOVERNMENT. Obama IS still Poised to Cede US Sovereignty. WATCH THE Actual VIDEO of Lord Monckton saying, "Obama poised to Cede Sovereignty. Climate Treaty WILL create a world government.  The Minnesota Free Market Institute hosted an event at Bethel University in St. Paul on Oct. […]

The Bailout: Death of the Dollar, birth of the Amero, and America’s Engineered Decline

Censorship of these kind of links is rampant. Adding spaces is the usual method. If clicking of the link does not produce the video try pasting it into the address bar. Remove extra spaces if need be.   Or try clicking on the link as it appears in the blog at: the REST of […]

Council on Foreign Relations and 2008 Election

The Council on Foreign Relations and the 2008 Election    Here is what you need to know about Obama, McCain and Baldwin.   About Obama: Suit To Remove Barack Obama From The Ballot Obama: "My Muslim Faith" About McCain: John McCain in "Missing, Presumed Dead"  John McCain was the primary opposition to the Senate […]

Adam Kokesh speech

Adam Kokesh speech- Inspirational and informative You can almost hear our founding fathers cheering from Heaven      Visit the ultimate resource for defending libertyCLICK HERE: and HERE: 1. Links to liberty defending organizations 2. Links to liberty defending web pages 3. Links to A MASSIVE assortment of liberty defending videos […]

Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin at JBS 50th Celebration

Ron Paul Keynote Address at John Birch Society 50th Anniversary Celebration   News feed with both videos:   Ron Paul Keynote Address video: Chuck Baldwin Speech at JBS 50th Anniversary Celebration   Visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty CLICK HERE: 1. Links to liberty defending organizations 2. Links to liberty defending web […]

Jerome Corsi arrested in Kenya during Obama probe Officials scuttle WND reporter's news conference on investigation Posted: October 07, 20087:26 am Eastern © 2008 WorldNetDaily WND senior staff writer Jerry Corsi NAIROBI, Kenya – The government of Kenya is holding WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi in custody at immigration headquarters after police picked him up at his hotel just prior to a […]

Warnings of the Creation of Police State from everywhere except the mass media

Warnings of the Creation of a Police State are coming from everywhere…except your mass media   Interview – Naomi Wolf – Give Me Liberty   Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law  and    A Congressman tells us: We Are Under Martial Law NOW!   Watch this video and hear these exact […]