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Clinton and Carville to attack tea party leaders

OH REALLY? First they tried infiltrating this movement. Now they are going to try to weed  out the real patriots, who are still in leadership positions, by using a campaign of character assassination.   We will be watching to see which great patriots have earned this honor.  It is very simple: We learn who the most effective human rights […]

Proper Role of Government

IN GENERAL, Anything that gives the government more power is bad; unless that power is essential for the protection of life, liberty, and property. It is a common error to assume that government should “promote” everything that the people see as good, and prevent everything that the people see as bad. Free people must find […]

Republic or Democracy?

Democracy is not a synonym for freedom. "Rule by majority is the opposite of rule by morality, unless you are in Heaven."     John Perna   In a Democracy there can be no individual rights, and there can be no minority rights. In a Democracy, only the majority has rights, and those rights are unlimited. […]