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Feds Launch Propaganda War Against Oathkeepers Defending the Bundy Ranch   FEDS are now in a Propaganda War Against Oathkeepers using standard tactics of COINTELPRO (article below). COINTELPRO is propagation of disinformation designed to create strife among defenders of liberty. In this case they have resorted to baseless accusations of mishandling of money. They have even attempted to undermine financial support by trying to collect donations for themselves. A message […]

Feds Tried to Get Their Own Agents Killed to Justify a Crackdown Violence was avoided by the cool rational conduct of the militia while facing bullies, who were outnumbered, but still threatening to shoot them. The BLM had already shot and killed one man, tazered and beaten several others, including a pregnant woman. The BLM had already killed 1400 dessert tortoises, which they were claiming […]

What Can We Learn About the Tactics of Tyranny Used at the Bundy Bunkerville Fed Barbeque?

Today 4-13-04 More agents and equipment arriving at the Bundy Ranch It’s NOT over Continuous live update: Yesterday: 4-12-04 Step One: Actual violence against the small numbers, who were among the early arrivals. Clubs and guns very brandished. Tazers were used. People were thrown to the ground; even including a pregnant woman. A […]