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Monsanto and Crony Capitalism Uploaded with written permission from the producer, Ben Swann. Visit his web page at Monsanto, and the government agencies that regulate Monsanto, are linked like a revolving door: with individuals rotating between working for one, and then working for the other. In short, the fox is guarding the hen house. Monsanto is […]

Criminalizing Vitamins, and Natural Health, while poisoning our food

Here is the latest e-mail from Dr. Laibow. We have so far dodged Codex…but it is still a threat.   Updated Information – It's Tea Party Time!2010 Health Freedom USA War Council!™ Codex Alimentarius will NOT go into Global Implementation on December 31, 2009.  But it is far from dead. Learn More by Attending this Vitally […]

The Future of Food

 - It's not looking good    The corporate take over of our food supply How much of your own food do you produce? Where would you go to get food if all the stores were closed? A surprisingly large number of people in the so-called "developed" world answer "zero" and "I don't know." If […]

Precaution about bioterrorism near Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic

Precaution about bioterrorism near Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic   John McCain is not in St. Paul.  visit: Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney announced that they would not attend the convention as planned on Monday. Sarah Palin is not in St. Paul.  Most of the Republicratic big shots are not in […]