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Best Collection of Freedom Videos This is the Most Extensive Collection of Freedom Videos Ever Compiled. If this message has been emailed the recipient may have to copy and paste the links into the address bar, as censorship of these kind of links is rampant. Adding spaces to the URL is the usual method. These URLs are regularly removed […]

Remind Local Police of Their Oath before FEMA Martial Law Exercise

  Go to their web pages and get their contact information. Send emails, faxes, and make phone calls. Contact law enforcement at all levels. Contact county officials, national guard, and the Attorney General of your state. Defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC: We ask local representatives and police to protect our civil liberties. Our […]

America’s New National Song

The Face of the Next Generation – America's New National Song  

Theme Song for the Tea Party Movement

Mr. Jefferson -The Mike Church Show Band   Down load this quickly. It is being censored  

Republocrat campaign song

  Republocrat campaign song