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Thought Police In America: the Ministry of Truth on “Fake News”

As was predicted in George Orwell’s book “1984”, America is now in the process of creating the Thought Police. Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell  Thoughts that are not authorized by the Thought Police are being called “fake news”. Freedom of the press, as promised in the First Amendment, is being abolished. Will we now be told […]

Gowdy Grills DHS at Hearing on Terrorism and Visa Waiver   Where is the “due process” that is afforded to an American citizen before that American citizen is placed onto the “no fly” list? Being placed on the “no fly” list takes away the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Which of the other constitutional rights can be taken away without any […]

National Security Subcommittee Finds DHS Has No Clue About Security

Here is a clear demonstration of the level of protection that we can expect from the Department of Homeland “Security”. Watch as the top expert from DHS testifies before the National Security Subcommittee on 12-11-2015. Islamic jihadists invade America and massacre people in San Bernardino and in many other places. Yet DHS does not […]

Using Brazen Lies to Trick Us into Higher Taxes

How the “Penny for Progress” Tax Scam Was Defeated in Lexington County, SC The local option sales tax slogan was “A Penny for Pavement”!  “A Penny for pavement” was two lies in only four words. It was not a penny, and it was not for pavement. Not many people were fooled. This deception was enough to […]

EPA’s Plan to Quadruple Your Power Bills

EPA is about to shut our economy down, claiming a proven hoax as the justification. On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it’s  “Clean Power Plan” to restrict the use of coal, for power production. Read more at:  The EPA claims power to make this law without regard to Article. I. Section. 1. Paragraph 1, Sentence 1 […]

Retired Border Patrol Agent Leaks the Real Story on Surge of Illegals We are under attack. Illegal alien gang members will be used as the infantry for the initial assault. This initial assault will come after the disease pandemics have softened up the population. The disease pandemics are being carried out with these illegal aliens, and are being deployed now. The destruction of the power grid, the food and […]

Reps. Flores and Gohmert Introduce Bill to Pay Bounty FROM IRS BUDGET to find IRS Emails On 06/25/14 U.S. Representatives Bill Flores (R-Texas) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) have introduced legislation that provides incentives to find former IRS director Lois Lerner’s missing emails.“I find it very hard to believe that the emails from Lois Lerner are lost and unrecoverable. It is very convenient that the IRS is unable to turn over any […]

IRS Commissioner Says “the Dog Ate” Lois Lerner Hard Drive Congressman Stockman introduces bill to grant taxpayers same excuse as IRS So you Cannot do your taxes because the dog ate your hard drive? No problem! According to a press release from Congressman Steve Stockman (R- Texas), taxpayers who do not produce documents for the Internal Revenue Service will be able to offer a variety […]

We Can Still Stop Obamacare in S.C., but we must act immediately.

Act Immediately- Davis Amendment Becomes a Bill     March 23, 2014: We Can Stop Obamacare in S.C., but we must act immediately.     We have received word from Jesse Graston that even though H3101 was defeated by a parliamentary trick, Representative Chumley has put the exact wording of the Davis Amendment into a House […]

Hidden Source Code Says Obamacare Applicants Have No Expectation of Privacy

Hidden Source Code Says Obamacare Applicants Have No Expectation of Privacy ————   It appears that Obamacare website vendors violated medical privacy laws by collecting personal information from applicants. During a hearing, on Oct, 24, 2013, before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Texas Congressman Joe Barton cross examined the primary Obamacare Website contractors […]