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Romney Does Not Want the Ron Paul Supporter’s Votes (Lucky for him)

Just in case you didn’t watch, Romney made it very clear on several occasions that he agrees with Obama on most of the issues that the Ron Paul people cannot tolerate, and he does NOT WANT OUR VOTES!    THAT IS MARVELOUS! MAYBE PEOPLE IN HELL SAY THAT THEY DO NOT WANT ICE WATER. MAYBE PEOPLE IN PRISON SAY […]

Gary Johnson Responds to Questions of the Debate From Which He Was Excluded  Although he had been polling higher than Huntsman and about even with Santorum, CNN refused to invite former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson to their Presidential debate in New Hampshire. Rather than allow one firm to pick winners and losers in the political process, Gary has turned to the internet to […]

Video of Captured American Journalist Austin Tice- Alive BUT in Torment

Video of Captured American Journalist Austin Tice- Alive BUT in Torment      Tice is blindfolded and is apparently being forced to recite the Muslim declaration of faith, or shahada, but he switches to English and says, “oh Jesus, oh Jesus” He speaks in an exhausted voice, and is in the custody […]