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Retired Border Patrol Agent Leaks the Real Story on Surge of Illegals We are under attack. Illegal alien gang members will be used as the infantry for the initial assault. This initial assault will come after the disease pandemics have softened up the population. The disease pandemics are being carried out with these illegal aliens, and are being deployed now. The destruction of the power grid, the food and […]

Waitresses Carry Loaded Guns at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado

Many stores and restaurants are telling people not to bring their guns inside, but one western Colorado restaurant not only embraces the practice of packing heat, it encourages its customers to carry openly — and its waitresses do, too. As she takes your order at Shooters Grill in the town of Rifle — yes, Rifle […]

Joan Rivers Said Obama is Homosexual and Michelle is a Transgender – then She Died Mysteriously!.flv A  street reporter asked Joan Rivers whether she thought we would now have our first gay president or a female president. Joan Rivers replied: “We already have it with Obama.” Joan Rivers said: Obama is gay and Michelle is a “tranny”. She clarified the term “tranny” as meaning transgender. Joan Rivers says Barack Obama is a homosexual […]