Congress is the Key


Soccer game in Istanbul, Turkey Nov 17, 2015. Officials called for a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the attack on Paris. Turkish Islamist’s booed and shouted “Allah Akbar”. Turkish Islamists Observe Moment of Silence for France by Shouting Allah Akbar VIDEOS: WHAT EVIL EXISTS, THAT DECEIVES MASSIVE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE, […]

Greek Police Found Guns and Ammo Being Shipped to Refugees

VIDEO (no sound): Greek police discovered rifles and ammo in shipment containers marked as the humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees. So far, the Greek custom police [...]


Understanding Jihad; Sharia and Muslim Migration

VIDEO: US Admiral James Lyons Explains Jihad The United Nations Plot to Colonize America – Refugee Re-settlement VIDEO:[...]


Faked Palestinian Propaganda Video  Supposedly this is a Palestinian girl who is speaking English to Israeli soldiers.  Supposedly this little girl just composed a poem that rhymes in English. WH[...]


7th Grader Gives Her Teacher a Lesson On Religious Freedom  10-26-15 Jordan Wooley, a 7th grader at West Memorial Junior High in Katy, Texas, says her teacher gave an assignment in which they were required to state that God[...]


Abuse of Eminent Domain is a Pathway to Fascism    Testimony of John Perna before SC Judiciary subcomittee on 10-20-2015   Benito Mussolini said: “The merger of Government power & Corporate power is FASCISM.” The Fascist[...]


Emergencies Are Used to Justify Tyranny

Creating Crisis to Justify Building Tyranny   We are hearing the phrase, “Involuntary Evacuation” or “Mandatory Evacuation.” There is either voluntary evacuation or t[...]


The United Nations Plot to Colonize America – Refugee Re-settlement UN-led Mass Migration Destroying U.S. Nationhood JBS CEO Art Thompson’s weekly news video update for Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, 2015. In this week’s Analysis Behind t[...]


Legislative Oversight Investigating Fraud at SCDOT

This hearing was before SC Legislative Oversight Committee on 8-11-15. THERE ARE FOUR SEGMENTS: SC Legislative Oversight Investigating Fraud at SCDOT Part 1 Testimony of Paul Townes, the C[...]


CDC Whistleblower Told Congress of Coverup on Vaccines Causing Autism

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Congressman Bill Posey of Florida reported to congress that he had received evidence from Dr. William Thompson of the Center for Disease Control. This information gave detai[...]