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Is Your County Investing in Real Estate and Hiring Yard Police Instead of Paving the Roads?

Fascism is being introduced at the local level. Lexington County Council of South Carolina said that they needed another tax to the pave roads, because they did not have enough money. But now they have voted to spend 6 MILLION DOLLARS to go into competition with private businesses. On October 28th Lexington’s County Council unanimously voted to risk 6 […]

Veterans Day Greetings

  BIG OIL CEOs THANK YOU! ============= PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ON Watch rest of videos ON Drop box video folder  OR ON  TARGETFREEDOM[...]


Using Brazen Lies to Trick Us into Higher Taxes

How the “Penny for Progress” Tax Scam Was Defeated in Lexington County, SC The local option sales tax slogan was “A Penny for Pavement”!  “A Penny for pavement” was two lies in only [...]


Are You a David? by Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Mack has a new Book! Are You a David? by Sheriff Richard Mack[...]


America’s Legacy of Building World Tyranny This is a speech given by Major George Racey Jordan in Los Angeles in 1963. Major Jordan is the author of “From Major Jordan’s Diary”. The outlandish outrage, that is made cl[...]


On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it’s  ”Clean Power Plan” to restrict the use of coal, for power production. Read more at:[...]


EPA’s Plan to Quadruple Your Power Bills

EPA is about to shut our economy down, claiming a proven hoax as the justification. On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it’s  ”Clean Power Plan” to restrict the use of coal, for pow[...]


Video of Michael Brown Store Robbery When police stop a criminal they are usually praised. This time there was a riot. When the people side with the criminals we have a criminal population. Since Michael Brown died, 244 Teenagers[...]


America Now Has a Secret Prison System As is true of every dictatorship, America now has a secret prison system. One of these is located within view of the national historic site: Grant’s Cottage. Grant’s Cottage is lo[...]


Creating Crisis to Justify Building Tyranny – Why Obama Brought Ebola To U.S.  Boogey men adversaries provide the EXCUSE FOR TYRANNY. In every call for more power for  government there should be a reminder that nothing in the measure will abrogate the constitutional r[...]