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Video of Michael Brown Store Robbery When police stop a criminal they are usually praised. This time there was a riot. When the people side with the criminals we have a criminal population. Since Michael Brown died, 244 Teenagers Have Been Shot In Chicago Almost 900 shootings and homicides in the past three months and not one is worthy of […]

America Now Has a Secret Prison System As is true of every dictatorship, America now has a secret prison system. One of these is located within view of the national historic site: Grant’s Cottage. Grant’s Cottage is located at 1000 Mt McGregor Rd, Wilton, NY 12831. Ironically this is the same address that is given for the Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility. If you do […]

Creating Crisis to Justify Building Tyranny – Why Obama Brought Ebola To U.S.  Boogey men adversaries provide the EXCUSE FOR TYRANNY. In every call for more power for  government there should be a reminder that nothing in the measure will abrogate the constitutional rights of American citizens. We must not destroy freedom in the name of defending freedom. Be careful about elimination of rights, or the setting […]