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Ron Paul on CFR, NAU, and Federal Reserve

Ron Paul at CNN Republican Debate 11-28-07 Watch the faces of the nervous CFR members, while Ron Paul speaks! "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."     — Henry David Thoreau Imagine living in a nation where arsonists set fires everyday. The best […]

Is Arizona giving a “storm trooper of the month” award?

Video Caught On Tape: cop arrests reporter for filming traffic in Arizona… (hmmm) Beware of traveling in Arizona.    Is Arizona still a part of the United States? Or is this what is happening everywhere now?   UPDATE TO Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed  by Border patrol – 11 stitches   […]

Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed by Border Patrol – 11 stitches   Ode to Border Patrol (Baptist Pastor Beaten & Tased – 11 Stitches)    Gilbert Arizona Tea Party – Pastor Steven L Anderson Speaks AZ    Further info: Story might be on local (Phoenix) late news tonight:   The "straw grabbing" contrivance is now to claim that […]

Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO?

Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly assault on the truth movement! FEMA camps Both of the following URLS have been censored:  For the time being, these work: Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO!    Alternate URL in case of censorship  Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO over FEMA CAMP story        Glenn Beck […]

Larry Grathwol, FBI informant from the 80’s, heard the plot to kill capitalists   In a 1980s documentary about terrorism, former Weather Underground member Larry Grathwol recounted hearing a conversation about the prospect of murdering 25 million “die-hard capitalists” were America to be overthrown.   I brought up the subject of what's going to happen after we take over the government. We become responsible […]

Tribute to Ron Paul Revolution

Tribute to the Ron Paul Revolution This is a tribute to Ron Paul and the movement that he inspired.It was really great to see so many people motivated by the message of liberty. I encourage everyone to stay active and join the campaign for liberty. Ron Paul’s complete speech from the Liberty Rally: […]

Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty worker detained at Missouri Airport

  Ron Paul Campaign For Liberty worker detained at Missouri Airport for carrying cash. Apparently a few jack boots did not get the word that the original plan to harass Ron Paul supporters had been scrapped. Perhaps the retraction was issued in writing, and no one ever read it out loud. This might have been a problem when dealing with people of the intellectual calibur who; […]

Theme Song for the Tea Party Movement

Mr. Jefferson -The Mike Church Show Band   Down load this quickly. It is being censored  

Support SC Gov Against the so called “Stimulus” Scam   Gov. Mark Sandford of SC refused federal "stimulus" money. Government has no money except what they take from us. The Fed is ELEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. From where would they get this money? Government employees, socialists, and welfare dole bums came to protest. BUT they were not alone. The media only covered […]