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Supreme Court -the Despotism of an Oligarchy

  Supreme Court Does Not Make Laws We continuously hear an outrageous myth: “The Supreme Court has ruled. This is the law of the land”.   Someone please correct me if I am wrong: Is not the Supreme Court a part of the JUDICIAL BRANCH of our government? The definition of the […]

Ed Snowden Complete Press Conference at Moscow Airport 7 12 13 “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”  “For somebody to tell the American people the truth is a heroic effort…he knows it’s risky” Ron Paul If you lie to the government you go to jail for a few months. If you tell the truth about the government they will try to put you in […]

Obamacare Nullification Hearings with SC Sen. Tom Davis

The Obama Care Nullification PLAYLIST If your state has no done this yet, start now. H3101 Nullification of Obamacare has already passed in the SC House. It was not voted on in the Senate when the session ended. Senator Tom Davis is spearheading the renewed effort in the Senate. If other states do this […]

The Obama Care Nullification PLAYLIST READ THE ARTICLE AT:   MORE INFO:   The New American Magazine Reprint “New World of Obamacare” PACK OF 25 Copies To understand Obamacare we must first look at the History Lesson on Government Running Businesses: The U.S. Postal Service is broke, & even though heavily subsidized, it can’t […]