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George Zimmerman Saved Four People’s Lives Since He got Out of Jail

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Martin Luther King Jr. We now understand something about the content of the character of George Zimmerman. But will he […]

Detained For Filming Martial Law Drill on Public Property- Charlotte, NC An American citizen was arrested by police for filming the military training for martial law & urban assaults in Charlotte, NC. He was released after the police had to admit that they could not charge someone with “trespassing” on publicly property. This area is open to the public & there was no legal way to deny a member of the public […]

Obama Called War Criminal and Hypocrite of the Century in Irish Parliament Clare Daly in Irish Parliament called Obama “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” after he presented himself as a champion for peace. She cited Obama’s drone murders, his wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and his involvement in the Syrian destabilization. She mentioned that her criticisms of Obama were in common with the American […]

Lindsey Graham Wants Amnesty for Illegal Aliens & Indefinite Detention for Americans

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is a proponent of amnesty. In Georgia an anti-amnesty group, the Dustin Inman Society, purchased a billboard advertisement criticizing Graham:     The billboard, is posted in Cherokee County, on Bells Ferry Road near  Woodstock. It reads: “South Carolina Welcomes the Undocumented! Sen. Lindsey Graham says his state has a labor shortage and […]

Government “Authorized” Ways to Celebrate Your Freedoms this 4th of July

Note: For many people the 4th of July is the only day of the year, when there will be a thought about defending freedom, or about American Independence. Take advantage of the fact that you have a modicum of attention. PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ON. ————————————————————————- As we go out to celebrate our freedom this 4th […]

Tips for Tourists Traveling in Tyranny There is no such thing as a lawful checkpoint in the US. It is illegal for police to stop people without PROBABLE CAUSE. That means evidence of a crime. “Inspection” is a euphemism for SEARCH. It is illegal for police to SEARCH WITHOUT A WARRANT. They cannot get a WARRANT without PROBABLE CAUSE. READ […]