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Obama To Fully Engage Gun Owners with Armed Feds Alex Jones urges us to publish this URGENT information RAPIDLY. Alex talks with Doug Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network about information released by his high-level DHS contact concerning government gun confiscation and other important topics. The full spectrum of totalitarian power will be used to disarm the American people: Executive Orders, United Nations […]

Raw Video of 2 Women Subjected to Roadside Body Cavity Search Using Same Gloves Angel Dobbs, 38 and her niece Ashley Dobbs, 24 were stopped near Irving, Texas for allegedly throwing a cigarette butt out of the window. The Texas state trooper David Farrell claimed that he smelled marijuana, and he used that subjective assertion to order an invasive roadside body cavity search. This search was done by a […]

CENSORED FACTS: Two Newtown Shooters Were Captured Alive

These raw footage videos, and witnesses, prove that two other perpetrators were captured outside:   Raw Film CT Police Search Woods After Shooting- 2 More Perps Shown One was captured just outside the school. The other was captured in the woods. Initial reports admitted to the other perpetrators, but media is now strangely silent […]

Shooting Spree: A Scare Tactic to Pass UN Small Arms Treaty

27 people are killed in Newtown, CT. Let’s think about this: A man with a mask, a military type vest and black clothes parks his car OUTSIDE the school gate. He walks up to the school right in front of the windows carrying four big guns. He goes to the LOCKED front door where he could be […]