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Thrive Trailer:     Thrive FULL Movie Thrive – What on Earth will it take? (full movie)   NEW URLS NOT YET CENSORED   AS OF THIS MOMENT IT IS HERE:   AND HERE:   TOMORROW IT MIGHT BE GONE FROM ALL OF THESE.   This movie […]

Gulf Oil Spill: The New Excuse For Building Tyranny

Have you noticed that the media has made the oil spill into a national “crisis?”  Check how often the words “national crisis” or “crisis” is used in “news” reports. Watch this video to understand what is really happening: Rahm Emanuel says “Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste”. What he means is: Use crisis to […]

Charade Arbitration to Save Global Warming Hoax

Always watch out for the “flim flam” man’s accomplices. Every carnival has a “beef man”, whose job it is to pretend to side with the victim of the scam. Sometimes he even “fires” the con artist (for at least as long as it takes to get the victim to go home). Would you buy a used car from this man? […]

Al Gore Goons Use Force to Silence Exposure of ClimateGate

DOWNLOAD THESE QUICKLY BEFORE THEY ARE CENSORED: Al Gore confronted on Climategate in Chicago  ALTERNATIVE URL  ALTERNATIVE URL One side benefits of this video is watching Al Gore race away from the patriots in his luxury SUV. Why was he not on a bicycle? Is there anyone who believes that Al Gore did […]

Fall Of The Republic – Full Movie

Fall Of The Republic – The Presidency Of Barack H Obama – The Full Movie HQ The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve (Paperback) by G. Edward Griffin (Author)          Autographed Hardback:   The events described in this document likely happened long before you […]

Worst economic collapse ever  In 2009 were going to see the worst economic collapse ever, the Greatest Depression, says Gerald Celente, U.S. trend forecaster. He believes its going to be very violent in the U.S., including there being a tax revolt.   Great Myths of the Great Depression (Pamphlet) by Lawrence W Reed    

Energy Non-Crisis Lindsey Williams

Energy Non-Crisis Lindsey Williams