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Abuse of Eminent Domain is a Pathway to Fascism    Testimony of John Perna before SC Judiciary subcomittee on 10-20-2015   Benito Mussolini said: “The merger of Government power & Corporate power is FASCISM.” The Fascist View of Private Property is the Destruction of Property Rights The concept of eminent domain was established solely so that the government would be able serve the vital needs […]

Emergencies Are Used to Justify Tyranny

Creating Crisis to Justify Building Tyranny   We are hearing the phrase, “Involuntary Evacuation” or “Mandatory Evacuation.” There is either voluntary evacuation or there is tyranny.We remember Katrina, where volunteers from other states, some of them trained personnel, were turned away.  When the Feds are involved it comes to be about the use of force and […]