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Patriot Expo Columbia, SC

The Patriot Expo Columbia, SC June 26, 2009. You can still see it here  Updates to this message may become available at:   Peter Koenig exposed the real nature of the World Bank Peter Koenig has worked for the World Bank most of his career. He has traveled throughout the world looking at the hidden […]

Larry McDonald on the New World Order

…way back in 1983 A LOST NATIONAL TREASURE! Multiples URLS in case some are blocked:  If this link is not clickable, Copy and paste the URL into the address bar. Around May of 1983, approximately 4 months before being shot down in KAL 007, Congressman Larry McDonald took on Pat Buchanan […]

Obama Seizes Control Of ABC News

READ THIS FAST, WHILE YOU STILL CAN Pass this around while it is still legal to do so. Not satisfied with their attack on our 2nd and 10th Amendments, the current administration now freely abuses our 1st Amendment.  June 16th, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard. Related: New York Times Firmly Under State-Control I’ve been […]

FEMA Web Page Shows Martial Law Exercise With Foreign Troops

Set for July 2009…Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country The above is a link to FEMA.GOV website page that details the upcoming nationwide training exercise in July 2009. This is directly cut and pasted the full text below from the site. This is very alarming. This IS […]