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STORM TROOPER OF THE WEEK: Man Arrested For Speaking Against Illegal Search

Beware of traveling to Jonesboro, Arkansas. If you do visit Jonesboro, Arkansas do not bring any lady with you. Watch this video and see how a male policeman might handle her. If you are female watch this lady being handled and imagine this happening to you. If you are male imagine this being done to your own wife, girlfriend or daughter. This video is the “one […]

Arrested For Exercising First Amendment Rights

As audacious as a police state ever gets: right in your face. John Bush Arrested For being Outside of “Free Speech Zone” At U.T. Austin WATCH IT FOR YOURSELF:     The entire United States is a “Free Speech Zone”.    Here is ALL of what happened BEFORE the arrest: John Bush vs. Barack Bush […]

Biological Population Control and Genocide: Science Fiction or Current Events?

Flouride, aspartame, mercury, lead, vaccines, and lithium are being used to control your very thoughts. Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine: Nano Tech Lobotomy by Injection              Establishment Media Pushes Brain Eating Vaccines New York Times and Other Media Pushing for Drugging Water Supply In 2006 Article White House […]

Obama Authorizes Killing American Citizens Without Charge or Trial.  Obama Proposes “Prolonged Detention” Without Trial We have seen the return of the use of mystical incantations. There is magic word which carries the power to make freedom vanish. With the appropriate slight of hand, a skilled wizard can use this magic word to vaporize the entire constitution in one flash. With a small amount of training this magic word can even […]