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Bill of Rights: Born Dec. 15, 1791 – Died Dec. 15, 2011

  Happy Bill of Rights Day Americans can be detained without due process Bill – S.1867         What Adolph Hitler did was LEGAL, in Germany, when he did it. What Stalin did was LEGAL, in Russia, when he did it. What Mao did was LEGAL, in China, when he did it. NOW THOSE SAME THINGS ARE LEGAL […]

American Holocaust has Been Prepared

  The US military is hiring concentration camp guards for civilian detainees. U.S. Detention Camps political prisoners have been built all over the USA. NDAA S.1867 has passed making it posssible to arrest Americans without any charge, and to detain them indefinately without any trial. The federal government is gathering intelligence to confiscate food supplies. Senate Passed NDAA 1867  […]