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Tyranny Training in Richland County, SC Today and Tomorrow

Federal troops will be training the Richland County Sheriffs Department in how to impose martial law and abolish the Bill of Rights. Of course, the population is also being trained in the acceptance of tyranny. Many times these tyranny training courses are a cover for a “false flag” act of terrorism. Be ready for another fake […]


  Most of  us believe that the First Amendment could never be abolished by the usurpation of an agency of unelected bureaucrats. The IRS is now presenting itself as the regulator of speech.  Attempts to silence organizations that defend liberty are now well known. Through harassment, the FEDS have attempted to stifle TEA party groups, home schoolers, pro-lifers, defenders of the […]

Oath Keepers Billboards Near White House and Pentagon     Oath Keepers placed a billboard at the D.C. Metro White House Station on August 12, 2013. With the placement of this billboard, we call on all White House employees to honor their Oath to the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. We call on them to stop hiding their actions beneath a veil of […]


  No one has a duty to enforce injustice, regardless of any unjust laws, and regardless of the instructions of judges, bureaucrats, or even the President. All public servants have sworn an oath to support & defend the constitution. You can swear the same oath without regard to your status in or out of government. […]

Snowden Has a Choke Hold on American Tyranny

This story is still under investigation. The portions that have been verified are so important that publication will not be delayed while the additional research is being done. Apparently the criminals in the United States government now have a vested interest in keeping Edward Snowden alive and safe. A classified briefing was given to members of […]