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Supreme Court -the Despotism of an Oligarchy

  Supreme Court Does Not Make Laws We continuously hear an outrageous myth: “The Supreme Court has ruled. This is the law of the land”.   Someone please correct me if I am wrong: Is not the Supreme Court a part of the JUDICIAL BRANCH of our government? The definition of the […]

Obamacare Nullification Hearings with SC Sen. Tom Davis

The Obama Care Nullification PLAYLIST If your state has no done this yet, start now. H3101 Nullification of Obamacare has already passed in the SC House. It was not voted on in the Senate when the session ended. Senator Tom Davis is spearheading the renewed effort in the Senate. If other states do this […]

The Obama Care Nullification PLAYLIST READ THE ARTICLE AT:   MORE INFO:   The New American Magazine Reprint “New World of Obamacare” PACK OF 25 Copies To understand Obamacare we must first look at the History Lesson on Government Running Businesses: The U.S. Postal Service is broke, & even though heavily subsidized, it can’t […]

Keep the Federal Government Shut Down!

Go Ahead and Shut the Federal Government Down! WATCH THIS VIDEO: Who Cares if the Federal Government Shuts Down? As the charade of a “government shutdown” continued the show in Washington, D.C. we saw more and more clearly, how worthless the Federal government really is. The Federal government can be shut down, and life […]

Sen. Rand Paul Evaluates Starting a New War in Syria War Crime Trials are Coming. Senator Rand Paul is planning to filibuster before the Senate when they debate starting a war with Syria. He plans to discuss Geneva Conventions & War Crimes punishable by death. Please contact every US Senator and ask them to join Senator Rand Paul in this Filibuster. Under the Geneva Conventions, […]

Call U.S. Senators-Oppose Strike on Syria

Please call your U.S. Senator asking him to oppose strike on Syria. Congressional Switchboard   202 224 3121 Ask him to join Senator Rand Paul in filibuster before the Senate, where he plans to discuss Geneva Conventions and War Crimes punishable by death. Please contact every US Senator and ask them to join Senator Rand Paul […]

Lindsey Graham Wants Amnesty for Illegal Aliens & Indefinite Detention for Americans

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is a proponent of amnesty. In Georgia an anti-amnesty group, the Dustin Inman Society, purchased a billboard advertisement criticizing Graham:     The billboard, is posted in Cherokee County, on Bells Ferry Road near  Woodstock. It reads: “South Carolina Welcomes the Undocumented! Sen. Lindsey Graham says his state has a labor shortage and […]

Nora Craig Speaking to NJ Senate Committee On 2nd Amendment

Nora Craig Speaking to NJ Senate Committee On 2nd Amendment       Free people can be armed. Slaves and prisoners can never be armed. EVERY SLAVE MASTER, AND EVERY TYRANT, ALWAYS DISARMS HIS VICTIMS. If a government does not trust its people to be armed, the people cannot trust their government. The famous […]

South Carolina is Considering Constitutional Carry of Firearms  Youtube removed this video with no explanation:   Constitutional Carry of Firearms S. 115 is Now Being Considered in the New Session. Last session S. 115 Constitutional Carry of Firearms was stalled into a death in committee. S. 115 will be on the Senate Judiciary Committee agenda as a subcommittee report on Tuesday, […]

EU Times Report- Obama Death Squads Fanning Out Across America This is a report about a report. Russian intelligence gave a report to the European Union Times. The European Union Times published that report. This video is a summary of the article published by The European Union Times. The information, that is contained here, might be a matter of life or death for […]