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Using Brazen Lies to Trick Us into Higher Taxes

How the “Penny for Progress” Tax Scam Was Defeated in Lexington County, SC The local option sales tax slogan was “A Penny for Pavement”!  “A Penny for pavement” was two lies in only four words. It was not a penny, and it was not for pavement. Not many people were fooled. This deception was enough to […]

Video of Michael Brown Store Robbery When police stop a criminal they are usually praised. This time there was a riot. When the people side with the criminals we have a criminal population. Since Michael Brown died, 244 Teenagers Have Been Shot In Chicago Almost 900 shootings and homicides in the past three months and not one is worthy of […]

Truth About Mandela Overlooked

In Death, as in Life, Truth About Mandela Overlooked Written by  Alex Newman, Friday, 06 December 2013 With the widely anticipated passing of South African revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela late Thursday, December 5, presidents and dictators from around the world — as well as everyday people, and especially the press — are in mourning. […]

How the Russian Navy Dealt With Somali Pirates In 2010 Somali pirates captured a Russian oil tanker. The European Union, which patrols these waters, refused to interfere claiming that they feared there could be casualties. Then Russian Navy Commandos freed the crew & recovered the tanker. This videotape shows what happened after the Russians captured the Somali pirate ship. The Russian commandos spoke to each other in Russian, but spoke to […]

Message to World- American PEOPLE Are Not Your Enemy. Tyranny IS our Mutual Enemy This was published by Chuck (Smithfix) Smith on Sep 11, 2013 as: An Open Letter to the World. “We, The American People Are Not Your Enemy”. This was given a Creative Commons Attribution license meaning that reuse is allowed, and in this case it is REQUESTED. Now we need to translate this into Arabic, […]

SC Targeted for Nuclear Terror Hoax. OUR GOVERNMENT Tries to Justify War EXTREMELY URGENT! Nuclear weapons are being secretly moved to SC from a Texas Air Force Base. At the same time Sen Lindsey Graham has warned that there could be a nuclear terrorist strike in SC. Simultaneously FEMA drills are being planned for implementing martial law, including “check points” and warrantless searches.This is […]

Was Chris Dorner ANOTHER Victim of a Death Squad?

As you watch the video below, reflect upon the fact that police have claimed that they did NOT intentionally start this fire: Actual Police Audio of Intentional Burning of Dorner and INNOCENTS “All right, we’re gonna go ahead with the PLAN with the burners,” one officer says. “Copy,” replies another. “I want it like we […]

CENSORED FACTS: Two Newtown Shooters Were Captured Alive

These raw footage videos, and witnesses, prove that two other perpetrators were captured outside:   Raw Film CT Police Search Woods After Shooting- 2 More Perps Shown One was captured just outside the school. The other was captured in the woods. Initial reports admitted to the other perpetrators, but media is now strangely silent […]

Jake Knotts said he was in the “catbird seat”? Watch out for da cat! Is “cat” short for Katrina? Shealy Leading Against Knotts At 11:25 PM Results so far is Katrina Shealy   52%  Petition Jake Knotts       43%  Republicrat David Whetsell    5%  Constitution Party Jake Jake Boss Hogg Thomas Jefferson said: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We add this: “The battle for liberty is never won, and is never lost. The battle […]

Video of Captured American Journalist Austin Tice- Alive BUT in Torment

Video of Captured American Journalist Austin Tice- Alive BUT in Torment      Tice is blindfolded and is apparently being forced to recite the Muslim declaration of faith, or shahada, but he switches to English and says, “oh Jesus, oh Jesus” He speaks in an exhausted voice, and is in the custody […]