Congress is the Key

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Ron Paul Backers ARRESTED at Missouri Caucus

NEO CONS ARE GETTING DESPERATE You thought sneaky vote fraud was bad? How do you like armed police using force? Here ARE Actual videos of the POLICE TAKE OVER OF THE St. Charles MO Caucus HERE IS THE ACTUAL ARREST ON VIDEO St. Charles MO Caucus Hijacked! Over 20 Police Officers inside the […]

Vote Fraud: How it is done Here is actual recorded testimony, given under oath, by Clinton Curtis who admits that he wrote the program for vote fraud: Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting Machines The one that is below is a satire: Humor: Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early THIS ONE IS NOT A SATIRE: […]

Ron Paul wins 2012 Republican straw poll in New Orleans BY A LANDSLIDE!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE (Reuters) – “Representative Ron Paul easily won a Republican Leadership Conference straw poll of the party’s 2012 presidential contenders on Saturday, with former U.S. envoy to China Jon Huntsman finishing second. Huntsman, a former Utah governor, is set announce his bid for the White House on Tuesday. No other […]

Please Vote For What You Really Believe and Fight Vote Fraud.

An election is not a horse race, where you can gain by predicting the winner. An election is your chance to tell the government what you really want. The lesser of two evils, is still evil. All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing. When good people support […]

Military Combat Troops Being Trained to Police 2010 Elections

0bama now has a Consequence Management Response Force “to deal with angry people on the street.”   It is a violation of a law called Posse Comitatus to use the American military against the American people. Our constitution did not give the law enforcement function to the federal government. The 10th amendment PROHIBITS any federal law […]

Best Collection of Freedom Videos This is the Most Extensive Collection of Freedom Videos Ever Compiled. If this message has been emailed the recipient may have to copy and paste the links into the address bar, as censorship of these kind of links is rampant. Adding spaces to the URL is the usual method. These URLs are regularly removed […]

Vote For What is Really Right. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Remember what Larry MacDonald said: Congress is the key.  WE MUST NOT get suckered in by the CFR news media into focusing all or most of your attention on the presidential contest.  We're going to have a bad President either way, but we can elect a Congress that will stand up and say NO to: McCain-Kennedy Amnesty […]

All of the Hacking Democracy videos have been removed

Hacking Democracy : Bev Harris Hugh Thompson : CNN Lou Dobbs   Diebold Demanded HBO Cancel Film Hacking Democracy (Alex Jones report) and THEY DID!    All of the Hacking Democracy videos have been removed. You will now find this: This video is no longer available due to a "copyright claim" by HBO […]

Vote fraud – How They Rig Elections – Princeton scientists demonstrate the hacking of Diebold’s voting machines

Vote fraud – How They Rig Elections – Princeton scientists demonstrate the hacking of Diebold’s voting machines EUGENE CLINTON CURTIS testifies before Ohio Election Commission. They can fake the polls to make it look as though the people support them. They can even rig the elections with the voting machines.  But they need an excuse […]

Hacking Democracy

Hacking Democracy Hacking Democracy 1 of 9  Hacking Democracy 2 of 9  Hacking Democracy 3 of 9  Hacking Democracy 4 of 9  Hacking Democracy 5 of 9  Hacking Democracy 6 of 9  Hacking Democracy 7 of 9  Hacking Democracy 8 of 9  Hacking Democracy 9 of 9 […]