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Is Arizona giving a “storm trooper of the month” award?

Video Caught On Tape: cop arrests reporter for filming traffic in Arizona… (hmmm) Beware of traveling in Arizona.

Is Arizona still a part of the United States? Or is this what is happening everywhere now?

UPDATE TO Baptist Pastor Beaten and Tazed  by Border patrol – 11 stitches

DHS Office has Issued a "Glossary of Domestic Extremist Groups". 
The Office of Intelligence and Analysis uses a broad brush to define
dozens of supposedly extremist ideologies inside the United States, in a
report called "Domestic Extremism Lexicon":
Read the entire document here: 
The document covers a broad range of extremist causes, including anti-
abortion, anti-immigration, animal rights, black separatism, anti-technology
extremism, Cuban independence activism, tax resistors, and religious
extremism of various faiths.
A few examples:
Tax resistance extremists are people who "vehemently believe taxes
violate their constitutional rights.
There are broad descriptions of extremists as “mainly antigovernment,
rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority
”; “may include groups
and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to
abortion or immigration”. 
Why will Obama need foreign troops to impose martial law?
Military and law enforcement personnel are organizing to resist illegal orders
to impose tyranny.
Below is a link to a story on an Army reservist who challenged orders from President Obama to deploy to Afghanistan. He wants to know Obama has the legal authority to be President by seeing his birth certificate, not just the short form. The Army REVOKED HIS ORDERS. 
But does Obama even have the support of the rest of the world?

Obama Handshake Snub in Russia 

LOCAL GOVERNMENT can be a defense against central tyranny. 

Alert your local representatives and police.
Ask them to protect your civil liberties.
Our county Sheriff's have the same obligation, and we all need to contact our local departments and remind them of their duties and the oath they are sworn to uphold.
For details visit:



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April 23rd, 2009

John Perna


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