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Faked Palestinian Propaganda Video  Supposedly this is a Palestinian girl who is speaking English to Israeli soldiers.  Supposedly this little girl just composed a poem that rhymes in English. WHERE IS THE MICROPHONE? WHY IS THERE NO VARIATION IN VOLUME AS SHE MOVES ABOUT? Do you hear the appropriate background noises?  SOLDIERS DID NOT LOOK AT HER. WAS SHE ACTUALLY THERE? IS THIS […]

7th Grader Gives Her Teacher a Lesson On Religious Freedom  10-26-15 Jordan Wooley, a 7th grader at West Memorial Junior High in Katy, Texas, says her teacher gave an assignment in which they were required to state that God was a myth, or that God wasn’t real. Apparently the teacher forced 7th graders to choose between denying God, or failing the assignment. Jordan Wooley […]

Abuse of Eminent Domain is a Pathway to Fascism    Testimony of John Perna before SC Judiciary subcomittee on 10-20-2015   Benito Mussolini said: “The merger of Government power & Corporate power is FASCISM.” The Fascist View of Private Property is the Destruction of Property Rights The concept of eminent domain was established solely so that the government would be able serve the vital needs […]

Emergencies Are Used to Justify Tyranny

Creating Crisis to Justify Building Tyranny   We are hearing the phrase, “Involuntary Evacuation” or “Mandatory Evacuation.” There is either voluntary evacuation or there is tyranny.We remember Katrina, where volunteers from other states, some of them trained personnel, were turned away.  When the Feds are involved it comes to be about the use of force and […]

Legislative Oversight Investigating Fraud at SCDOT

This hearing was before SC Legislative Oversight Committee on 8-11-15. THERE ARE FOUR SEGMENTS: SC Legislative Oversight Investigating Fraud at SCDOT Part 1 Testimony of Paul Townes, the Chief Internal Auditor of SCDOT ================ SC Legislative Oversight Investigating Fraud at SCDOT Part 2 Testimony of Michael Wooten, Chairman of Internal Audit Subcommittee of SCDOT. ================= SC Legislative Oversight Investigating Fraud at […]

Pink Swastika- Homosexuality in the Nazi Party

Pink Swastika- Homosexuality in the Nazi Party by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams The Pink Swastika is a very revealing book detailing the essentially unreported fact that homosexuals were largely responsible for the founding and guiding of the Nazi Party. This book explains the fact that; while it is true that Nazis persecuted some homosexuals, […]

Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes on Fourth of July

Fourth of July Message From Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes   In response to a Facebook post claiming that a Texas militia leader had been contacted by the FBI and instructed to alert militias, Oath Keepers, and three percenters to be ready and alert for possible terror attacks on July 4, Oath Keepers Founder Stewart […]

The Social Security Fraud and Ponzi Scheme The Social Security check is now being called a *Federal Benefit Payment*. The Federal government contributes NOTHING to the Social Security fund, but only acts as an administrator of a trust. Social Security was established in 1935. It is broke. There is nothing in the Social Security Trust Fund except IOUs from the government.  It was […]

Marine Discharged for Quoting a Bible Verse  A Marine Has Been Court-martialed and Discharged for Having a Bible Verse on Her Computer Did you think that the Marines were tough? Think again. They are afraid of this little lady: Did she have nuclear weapons? NO! Did she have biological weapons? NO! Did she have CHEMICAL weapons and poison gas? NO! Did she […]

PSYOPS: To Persuade and Influence- US Government Plan to Soften Resistance A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States. To understand what the fed is trying to pull, watch this: Rat poison […]